The Truth About Kids’ Eye Cancer

Parents who take their little ones to a pediatrician every month may only be concerned about knowing what vitamins to give to their kids. However, kid’s eye cancer may not be part of the parent-doctor discussion. One case of eye cancer is called pediatric retinoblastoma, and is affecting children below six years old. It is a tumor that starts in the retina and can be detected as early as six months. Early detection is very vital for the child to receive immediate treatment and increase chances of survival. In the US, there is about 300 children affected with pediatric retinoblastoma every year.

Symptoms of Pediatric Retinoblastoma

Symptoms of Pediatric Retinoblastoma include strabismus or crossed-eyes. This condition needs immediate help from an ophthalmologist. Other signs include poor vision, white pupil or change in size of the pupil.

Diagnosis of Pediatric Retinoblastoma

In early detection of kids’ eye cancer, a red reflex examination is performed by a pediatrician. More so, this is done after childbirth, before the baby is discharged from neonatal nursery as recommended by American Academy of Pediatrics. If there is an abnormal red reflex found, the child should be immediately referred to an ophthalmologist for funduscopic examination. After the examination is completed, fundus photography will also be performed to identify the size of tumor and stage. Another procedure to be done is the ophthalmic ultrasound that may show bright spots. MRI is also preferred over CT scan to reduce the risk of exposing the child to develop second cancer and avoid unnecessary radiation. Once pediatric retinoblastoma is confirmed, the patient shall be referred to see an ocular oncologist.

Treatment of Kid’s Eye Cancer

Managing kid’s eye cancer should be tailored-fit to the patient’s case. Factors to be considered include the location of the tumor, size, laterality, and vision prognosis. The patient should be referred to an ocular oncologist who is trained to treat retinoblastoma. Management of pediatric retinoblastoma is rather complex and there are three chosen methods for treatment; enucleation, focal therapy, and chemotherapy. A single treatment or combination may be used depending on the case of the patient and how the child responds to the treatment.

Kids’ Eye Cancer Legal Assistance

The patient and the family need all the medical help they can get but without proper diagnosis of kids’ eye cancer, no treatment will be administered and it might be too late. If the family has questions about whether there was misdiagnosis, they can seek for legal assistance with a pediatric retinoblastoma attorney. Contact 888-726-6735 now for legal assistance.