Special Care for Kids with Eye Cancer

Children make up most of the happiest people on earth. They truly know how to appreciate the beautiful things they see, they have a rich perspective of life, but what happens when their joy is affected by a visual illness?

One of the illnesses that affect children below six years old in the US is pediatric retinoblastoma which is reported to have 300 cases each year. This type of illness can impair a child’s vision and negatively impact their physical and emotional growth. Special care needs to be given when dealing with this kind of disease. Some ways you can give special care for kids with eye cancer include:

Hiring a Special Medical Team

Children diagnosed with pediatric retinoblastoma are given special medical attention by a team of physicians. It requires a team since treatment may vary depending on the response of the patient. The team is composed of medical field specialists such as:

Pediatric ophthalmologist – a physician who takes care of eye disease

Pediatric oncologist – a physician who gives treatment to children diagnosed with cancer

Ocular oncologist – an ophthalmologist who gives treatment to eye cancer

Radiation oncologist – a physician who administers radiation therapy

Counselling on Parenting Kids with Retinoblastoma

Parents not only need medical advice from physicians, but also help from psychotherapists so they can give the right special attention and care to their kid with eye cancer. In order for their child’s body to recuperate, parents need to regulate what their child eats and limit him or her from moving too much for a certain period of time as he or she undergoes treatment. It might help for parents to set a daily “alarm” to ensure that their child is taking prescribed medications on time.

Keeping a Positive Environment

For kids undergoing treatment for eye cancer, pain is inevitable. They may feel restless or grumpy. Showing empathy and telling them words of encouragement would go a long way. They need to be reassured that it is going to be all right after the treatment. Patients can still play with other children, given that the game or activity does not require a lot of physical movement like board games. The family should give more time for laughter during meals and doing fun activities with the patient on a daily basis. Keeping a positive environment will boost the patient’s immune system and will have an impact on the kid’s recovery.

It is never easy for kids to go through so much pain. They need to feel their family’s unconditional love for them as they battle eye cancer at a young age. They need all the support they can get from their family and doctors alike. For other special needs like legal assistance with a pediatric retinoblastoma attorney, the family may contact 888-726-6735 at DWKMRS today.